This website is intended to provide you with news on speed cameras in Somerset and Avon County along with a guidance to avoid speeding and therefore getting caught. There is also a FAQ section for you to make sure that any penalty or summon you would eventually receive is following the proper rules and is therefore fully effective. This site has a pure informative purpose and at no time is suggesting you should be speeding and then try an excuse for getting away with it. Always remember that speed cameras are there for safety reasons. Kill you speed on the road!


If you like to speed, beware of the speed cameras. Bristol and Somerset residents are likely to see an increase in fines shortly. Cameras are targeted for operation with the intention of trapping violators in the act. They are mounted on bikes as an adjunct to the nine speed enforcement vans now in use. Three of them will roam the area to monitor lawbreakers on the road, especially in areas unreachable by the vans.


Give credit to the Avon and Somerset police for the innovation. They hope to nab an additional 66,000 speeders each year with the assistance of the three-prong approach of bikes, vans, and roadside cameras. The on-switch will go live in just a few months, reversing the 2011 deactivation. Law enforcement regretted the dissolution of the area safety camera partnership, but funds were sparse. Sue Mountstevens, Police and Crime Commissioner, is reported as stating that the new move has arisen in response to local uproar about road safety. It is "only right" that her Police and Crime Plan tackles the issues that "most affect residents".


Agreement about the camera bikes’ role follows naturally. Ch Supt Ian Smith believes they will add significant assistance to the existing program to help curb speeding and enforce limits. Locals are on board and have already been requesting alternatives to the cumbersome vans. The smaller motorbikes can support locations hithertofore inaccessible. Surprisingly, the Alliance of British Drivers found the bikes to be retrograde and unwelcome, sure to alienate their driver members. Per their spokesperson, an alternative must be found to the unnecessarily low speed limits in the region which beg for violation. Police presence can be a deterrent as well, undermining the need for cameras.