This website is intended to provide you with news on speed cameras in Somerset and Avon County along with a guidance to avoid speeding and therefore getting caught. There is also a FAQ section for you to make sure that any penalty or summon you would eventually receive is following the proper rules and is therefore fully effective. This site has a pure informative purpose and at no time is suggesting you should be speeding and then try an excuse for getting away with it. Always remember that speed cameras are there for safety reasons. Kill you speed on the road!

Speeders beware. Shortly, you could receive a letter. Seven hundred violators have been targeted, and already many lawbreakers have received their warnings. Volunteers from the Community Speedwatch have been busy as bees scouring the roadsides to record registration plates as speeders hurtle by. Furthermore, Avon and Somerset law enforcement are on guard to nab repeat offenders. Sgt Andy Murphy reminds everyone that safety comes first.

Local officials want to do what they can to curb the rise in speeding. He explains that community watch groups have been successful, and it has been a very good idea to empower local residents. After all, they are the source of most speed complains in the region, and now they can take action to supplement that offered by the police. "One of the big things for us is that it really directs our policing units, [so] where we have people who flout the speedwatch groups, our road policing units will go after them.” He adds that road policing units are hot on the trail of regular speeders, who cannot be allowed to persist in breaking the law. They will soon be seen in court.